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Dog Walking & Pet Visiting Services
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Pet Care
Whether your dog needs a potty break or a nice long walk with some play, I'm here to help.
Do you work long hours?  Do you have a new pupply?  Or does your pet need a ride to a veterinary appointment?   I provide exercise and  in-home personalized care for your best friends.  Weekday dog walking, last minute  requests, pet taxi service.  Dependable, loving pet care in your home.


As a professional pet sitter, I say, "HIRE PAM!'

Since I started my business 12 years ago, I have tended not to recommend other pet sitters.  Pam is the only one I would feel comfortable enough to put my reputation on the line for.  Knowing her for years, I can tell you, she is reliable, trustworthy and full positive energy.  Always going the extra mile for those around her.  When I introduced her to the ups and downs of this business, I saw she has a special gift with the animals.  The days she shadowed me, the dogs and cats greeted her with wagging tails or purring affection.  Even my most challenging or shy clients took to her like an old friend. 
I am thankful we have different territories.  She is that good.  Pam would be the one I would call to watch my pets.

-Karin Mingels
Pet Pal Petsitting

Mar 9th, 2017
Natalie C.
Hired Pam

Pam loves Sadie, my dog. She is honest, reliable and punctual. Pam comes back many days late afternoon or early evenings for potty checks, for a very fair price. Very flexible and I would highly                                                                                                                                           recommend to anyone looking for a GREAT dog walker

Mar 7th, 2017
Darcy O.

I have known Pam for many years and know her to be both genuine and honest. We share the love for animals as we both have had dogs, cats and rabbits in our life, but she went one step further and also had horses. Pam has a real knack for the understanding and compassion for animals. In fact she has helped me on more than one occasion with walking dogs as I too have a dog walking business. I consider Pam to be a friendly, capable and trustworthy person and would be an asset to anyone in need of pet care.